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Teeth whitening

  At the Centre de Haute technologie dentaire Lachenaie, we offer the possibility to patients who wish to improve the color of their teeth, two choices of dental whitening treatments. The color of the teeth is different from person to person, the color of it is determined by the level of dentin that is inside the tooth.  Dentin is a calcified tissue of an ivory color which is under the enamel, which being pearly white but transparent allows the color of the dentin to be seen. This is why an adult tooth is much less white than a baby tooth which contains almost no dentin.  Naturally, no one has perfectly white teeth, some may have them more yellow or more gray. Several factors will change the color of your teeth. It is certain that teeth darken with age. The use of products such as   tobacco, coffee, tea, fruit juice or any beverage containing   will also   come change the color of your teeth. But, don't worry, we have some very effective options for you to whiten your teeth.

Before undertaking a whitening treatment, it is suggested that you do your periodic cleaning examination. A clean, tartar-free tooth will be in better condition to absorb the whitening product, which will optimize your results. You should also have your dentist check that your oral health is good and that you don't have any cavities. However, if you have cavities in the mouth, it is recommended to treat them before starting your whitening, because the peroxide contained in the treatment could otherwise activate them. Worn teeth are also likely to experience hypersensitivity during treatment. It should also be noted that composite fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers or prostheses will not change color, because the product acts only on the enamel of a natural and healthy tooth.

Blanchiment dentaire | Chtdl

We use top quality products from the Pola company. The bleaching gel contains a much higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide or carbanide than the bleaching products found in pharmacies. Depending on the option chosen, it varies from 9.5% to 22%. This oxygenation process is a safe method, which gives good results. Once your teeth whitening treatment is finished, keep your trays, you can make touch-ups following your cleaning exams by only getting new syringes of whitening gel at the clinic.

Home whitening

An appointment at the clinic is required to take the impression of your teeth in order to make a custom-made gutter for you. Once your gutters are ready, we will give you your whitening kit. A hygienist will explain how the treatment works and give you recommendations.  We can help you choose the formula that suits you best between the day treatment that you must wear for an hour or that of night you must wear a minimum of two hours. The overnight treatment is much gentler, so you can sleep through the night with your trays on. This choice is preferable for people who experience dentin sensitivity.   Whether you   opt for the day or night treatment,   the result is the same and the duration is two weeks.

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Whitening in the chair

The chair whitening treatment is done at the clinic in a single two-hour appointment. We isolate the gum with a rubber dam and apply the whitening gel  to the teeth for 4 sessions of around 15 minutes each. This technique is safe, effective and very fast. This type of whitening is ideal for those who want instant results. It is perfect for people who are in a hurry, because the results are much faster compared to the two weeks of treatment for  home whitening. A kit will be given to you to finalize your treatment at home with whitening syringes as well as vitamins and a desensitizer to apply to the teeth  as needed.

Blanchiment dentaire | Chtdl

In both options you will have a similar result which can range from two to seven   shades whiter. A check-up appointment is scheduled after the treatment to determine the final shade of your teeth using a color guide. You will then be able to clearly observe the progress of whitening on your teeth.

During the whitening treatment, you may notice a slight increase in sensitivity of the teeth and gums. If the pain becomes too strong, stop the treatment for two or three days to give your teeth time to adjust to the procedure. Using toothpaste for sensitive teeth will also help relieve sensitivity caused by the whitening treatment. Please note that the sensation is temporary and the effects disappear a few days after the end of the treatment.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment to have the dazzling smile you dream of.

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