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The diagnodent


The traditional way to detect cavities is visual clinical examination combined with radiography .

The Diagnodent detects bacterial activity using a laser.   The latter allows us to detect cavities at an early stage, which represents less extensive and therefore less long and less expensive treatments for the patient. 


A major advantage of this technology is the possibility of subsequently treating cavities with laser without a handpiece and without anesthesia in the majority of cases,   which is very appreciated by our young and old customers .

diagnodent CHTDL.jpg
diagnodent CHTDL.jpg

The laser

Lasers have been used successfully for years for a wide variety of medical treatments ranging from visual surgery to cosmetic procedures.  Now laser technology allows your dentist to work faster, with improved accuracy while providing ultimate comfort.


Many of our patients have benefited from the comfort and convenience of our laser treatments.  Ask your dentist if this type of treatment is right for you!

Dentisterie laser Chtdl.jpg

The intraoral camera .

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Nothing better than an image combined with the dentist's explanation to help you understand the need for treatment.  Here at the Centre de Haute technologie dentaire Lachenaie, all our rooms have a camera intra oral projecting the photo onto a screen at the chair allowing you to see what your dentist sees!

  Your trust is important to us!

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