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Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is the treatment of choice for correcting problems of malocclusion, speech, premature wear of teeth, hygiene, and without neglecting aesthetics, for people of all ages.

Why opt for orthodontics?

Teeth and jaws in bad positions can cause functional disorders. Overlapping teeth are difficult to clean. This can contribute to the formation of cavities and the development of gum disease and in extreme cases tooth loss. Misaligned teeth and jaws, which don't fit together well, make chewing less effective. This can cause excessive tooth wear, pain in the jaw, head, neck and facial muscles. Finally, the esthetic aspect is far from negligible.


When to start orthodontic treatment?

Our dentists are able to identify eruption problems very early on.  However, it is never too late to start treatment. Nowadays, adults represent 20 to 25% of the clientele.

Depending on the treatment required, the dentist will prescribe either the wearing of braces, retainers or other custom-made appliances. They can be fixed or removable, in metal, plastic or ceramic. The duration of treatment varies depending on the problem to be corrected. It is normal to have to wear braces for one to three years. Finally, the person will have to demonstrate goodwill and collaborate for the treatment to be successful. She will also have to pay particular attention to her diet and her oral hygiene.

Appareil orthodontique | Chtdl

Conventional orthodontics

New dental technologies are even found in the alignment of teeth.

We have chosen the latest products that exist on the market to satisfy our patients. The system we use is called 'DAMON 3'. This system is absolutely unique.

We also chose this system because,   it is one of the most aesthetic. The boxes are very small and they have the white top part (ceramic) which is much less visible in the mouth. The cases don't have elastic like the old   they hold together with doors, so it's much less noticeable. See the difference in the image below.


Clearline (braceless orthodontics)

Some people are reluctant to undertake treatment with braces (esthetics).  An alternative solution is now available to them, without the drawbacks of the usual treatment. Discreet, simple and comfortable, the evolutionary shells are orthodontic corrective appliances that are almost invisible and made to measure from the impressions of the patient's mouth. Each of these shells is made of a sheet of transparent acetate, light and of a tiny thinness, i.e. 0.030".

The evolutionary shells, similar to each other, are however somewhat different because each of them is molded on one of the different impressions of the teeth having undergone slight modifications or movements during treatment. These state-of-the-art devices allow patients who care about their oral health as much as their appearance to have minor or more complex dental irregularities corrected.  

Orthodontie Clearline | Chtdl

The ideal patient for a port of evolutionary shells is an adult or a mature teenager who:

  • has a minor or major malocclusion

  • has a recurrence following orthodontic treatment with standard brackets at a younger age that would not have been followed by the wearing of a retainer

  • is in the final stages of orthodontic treatment and requires a retainer with some minor corrections

  • requires minor orthodontic treatment before undergoing cosmetic reconstruction

  • does not want to bother with wires and orthodontic brackets for aesthetic reasons

Multiple benefits

  • Esthetics and efficiency

  • Reduced handling and chair time

  • Impressive results

  • Few language disorders

  • Simplicity of manufacture

  • Few injuries or entanglements, so less soft tissue irritation

Traitement orthodontie | Chtdl

Clearline technology is available for appearance-conscious patients and seamlessly straightens your teeth.

Find out more from our certified ' 'Clearline '' team and you'll have more to smile about!

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