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Radiographie numérique | CHTDL

Digital radiography

X-rays allow us to detect cavities between your teeth that cannot be seen with the naked eye, to determine bone level and bone health. We can also examine the roots and nerves of the teeth, diagnose lesions, such as cysts or tumors, as well as assess damage during trauma. This is why during an emergency appointment with your dentist, x- rays are often taken.

Digital radiography has revolutionized the air of modern dentistry. Essential technology in the field, it allows a very precise diagnosis for more effective treatments.

Radiographie panoramique | Chtdl.jpg

Here are the many advantages of this technology:

  • Reduction of more than 70% of radiation emitted

  • The image appears instantly on the screen (very ecological: we no longer use film, darkroom and derivative products that are harmful to the environment).

  • Allows the patient to better understand their diagnosis

Radiographie numérique | Chtdl.jpg

Here at the Centre de Haute technologie dentaire Lachenaie, we use digital imaging technologies. The benefits of digital imaging allow us not only to retain patient images, but also to ensure rapid transfer to specialists and insurance companies when needed.

CT scanning is a technology also used by our dentists in the case of dental implants . The scan allows us to have a complete 3-dimensional image of your upper and lower jaw and provides the exact bone parameters. We are therefore able to   make a virtual planning for the placement of your dental implant .

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