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General and cosmetic dentistry

We are aware that it is important for our customers to be able to do their treatment ideally under the same roof. This is why you will find a range of dental procedures with us.  We know the importance our patients place on quality and esthetics, which is why we use dental materials that allow to combine durability and esthetics in various treatments.

Also learn more about microdentistry which is used daily at our clinic

Invisible fillings (composite)

  • Composite resins are very similar to the color of teeth since they are available in several shades. The final restorations are therefore very esthetic.

  • Preparing the tooth for a composite resin restoration is usually more "conservative" than for an amalgam (gray filling).

  • Composite restorations adhere to the tooth. Indeed, before putting the composite resin in successive layers, the dentist applies a sealing resin to the tooth. The composite resin being bonded to the tooth, strengthens the latter.


  • Tooth extraction including wisdom teeth

  • Bone grafts

  • Gum grafts

  • All other oral surgeries


Root canal treatment is sometimes the only solution, following deep decay or trauma, to keep a tooth destined for extraction.  Dentists are of the opinion  that our natural teeth are the best. That's why they go out of their way to make sure you don't lose any. Root canal treatment allows you to keep your tooth pain free.

traitement de canal | Chtdl

Fixed bridge

A bridge makes it possible to replace a missing tooth, or even two,   by relying on the adjacent teeth (one on each side). The principle is the same as for the crown.


The advantage of the bridge is that it is fixed in the mouth. On the other hand, to allow the fixing of the bridge, crowns are necessary on the teeth on each side, which implies the grinding of these which is not ideal when a healthy tooth is involved but in most cases, the bridge remains a solution of choice for the replacement of missing teeth.

pont dentaire | Chtdl

When a tooth has undergone root canal treatment or when it is badly damaged, your dentist   will suggest that you cover it with a crown.  This one will protect your tooth against accidental fractures.

Couronne dentaire | Chtdl.jpg

Porcelain veneer

The porcelain veneer is used on the anterior teeth.  It covers the visible surface of the tooth.  It can be used during fractures, stains or to change the position of a tooth.  Compared to composite fillings, it does not change color over time and is much more esthetic.


The ultimate fashion accessory!

The brio is a dental jewel attached to the surface of the enamel. Safe and painless, Brios are the fashion accessory par excellence. The Brios do not damage the teeth and are installed in a few minutes without anesthesia. Whether for a week or for several years, Brio will have its effect. It can be removed by a dental professional in moments without leaving a trace.

brio dentaire | Chtdl

Complete or partial prosthesis

The prosthesis is the part of dentistry that essentially deals with replacing missing teeth.

They can be removable, which can be removed, or fixed on implants. (See implantology section). A removable prosthesis, whether complete or partial, generally requires a few days of adaptation.


Complete prosthesis  

​ When there are no teeth left at all, they are replaced by a complete resin prosthesis, which must rest as widely as possible on the mucous membranes. It can be removed at night and for cleaning.


Partial prosthesis

The removable partial prosthesis is retained by hooks which grip the neighboring healthy teeth. It replaces one or more  dents and can also be removed for overnight use and cleaning.

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